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 The Duck Creek Site

Photographs of the dig on Duck Creek in Nemaha County, Nebraska. (images are clickable)

Projectile points found during early work at the Duck Creek site.

Archeologist studying a survey map to determine where to excavate.

Archeologists excavating alternate one meter squares.

Excavated one meter square with chipped stone artifact in situ.

Members of the excavating crew.

Archeological technician explaining the site layout to guests during the open house.

Open house guests watch as archeological technicians excavate.

Almost complete ceramic pot "in situ" (still in place).

A bulldozer removes the top layer of soil to speed up the excavation process.

Crew discusses the next excavations after bulldozer has removed some soil.

Ceramic effigy head. Visualize two eyes, a nose, and a hint of a mouth.

Preliminary results from the dig on Duck Creek indicate this is a Central Plains Tradition occupation.



Current Research

Central Plains Tradition


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