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Identify These Objects?

It was found in Dakota County, Nebraska in a pasture.
Do you have any ideas of how this turned wooden object was used? If you have an idea, contact:

  Close-up view

These objects were found a few years ago in a garden in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Both appear to be cast of bronze. The spiked object was badly bent by a garden tiller and has been straightened. Spiked object measures approximately 11 inches in length. Cross shape measures approximately 3 1/2 inches by 4 inches.

We are trying to help the owner identify them. Any ideas? If you have and idea, contact:

Back of cross with eyelet for hanging.

Spiked object is threaded at base.


Perforated token found in Arkansas. It is from an 1985/6 excavation near Ft. Smith.


enlargement of token

If you have and idea, contact:


This wooden object was brought to the archeologists for identification.   We were stumped.

See the object identification information below.

The tube is hollow at both ends but solid in the middle.  There is only about 2" of open space on either end when the plugs are in place.


Hand-carved wooden object with end plugs removed.

 Detail of emblem


Thanks to Bill Holm, Curator Emeritus, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture for being the first to identify this object.

This identification illustration is courtesy of the Museum of the Fur Trade. Copies of The Mountain Man's Sketch Book, Volume 2, by James Austin Hanson and Kathryn J. Wilson may be obtained from the Museum of the Fur Trade, Chadron, NE.





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