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Camps and Camping  

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Campcraft-knowledge and skills for safe, efficient, and enjoyable outdoor living- and
Woodcraft-understanding of and appreciation for the natural world-have been key elements of scouting since the beginning. Both are developed through the camping experience. The scouts in these photographs are at Camp Minis-Kuya southwest of Lincoln, the Cornhusker Council's primary camp from 1935 to 1956. No summer camps were held from 1942 to 1945 during World War II.
Source: Loaned by Cornhusker Council, Boy Scouts of America.


arial photo of campBoy scouts pennant camp staff patch, 1960
In 1955 the Cornhusker Council purchased an 880-acre site ten miles south of Humboldt in Richardson County and held the first official summer camp there in 1956, with 622 scouts in attendance. Explorer Scout Robert W. Cherny was on the staff during the summer of 1960, when he received the "Camp Staff" patch. The Cornhusker Scout Reservation continues in use.
Source: 11546-24, Troop 68, RLDS Church, Lincoln, courtesy of Shawn Bachman, Lincoln
9579-19, Robert W. Cherny, San Francisco, California; Pennant loaned by Rick Wolzen, Lincoln; photograph loaned by Russ Votava, Lincoln



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