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7. Milliner's doll [Lucy], ca. 1840. Ht. 9 5/8 inches.

Our family are all from Ohio, including Lucy
[the doll]. My grandmother was a member
of an Ohio pioneer family, making Lucy far
over 100 years old....She was always to look at
and not to play with. She does not cause much
trouble. I might call and see her some time.

-- Mrs. Ida Epley Davis, Omaha,
in a letter to Dr. Olga Stastny, Omaha, 1935.

8. China head dolls with a variety of hair styles, 1860-1880. Ht. 7 1/2 - 20 inches.

9. Papier-mâché head doll given to May Baldwin Fairfield, Lincoln, for her third birthday in 1863. May named the doll Rebecca Baldwin. Ht. 26 inches.

10. Doll with papier-mâché head, ca. 1860. Ht. 11 inches.

11. Doll with wax over papier-mâché head that belonged to Hallie Hooper, Lincoln, ca. 1870. Ht. 24 inches.


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