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 The French Gratitude Train


Four separate cartoons that are covered by a sheet of clear rigid plastic and framed with red fabric tape. The artist's name, Beatrice Mallet, appears on the front of each picture.

The first picture
is of a little girl in a regional costume carrying a basket of mussels walking on a dock with a lighthouse, beach, and sail in the background.
Underneath the cartoon it says:
"A la pêche aux moules Je ne veux plus aller, Maman" [Going fishing for mussels I no longer want to go, Mama].
Written in ink on the back it says: "Dress of the Country of Sables d'Olonne (Atlantic Coast) oysters' fishers."

The second picture
is of a pair of children engaged in marketplace negotiations about the sale of a fowl. Underneath the cartoon it says:
"Pas possiblenon, ma chère. Il m'a couté plus que ça, Patatipatatta" [Not possibleno, my dear. It cost me more than that, Patatipatata..]
Written on the back it says: "Dress of Britain" [Brittany]

The third picture
is of two children in Norman costume picking apples. Underneath the cartoon it says:
"Vive le cidre de Normandie. Rien ne fait sauter comme ça!" [Hooray for the cider of Normandie. Nothing makes you dance like that!]
Written on the back it says: "Dress of Normandy"

The fourth picture
is of a child knitting in front of a mountain scene. Underneath the cartoon it says:
"Que j'aime à respirer l'air pur de nos montagnes" [How I love to breathe the pure air of our mountains].
Written on the back it says: "Dress of Normandy"



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