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Pair of child size woven yellow sandals with an inner sole of canvas stuffed with a cotton-like material. Attached card says:
"Institut Médical, 7 Rue Arsène Leloup, Nantes."
On the other side of the card it says: "Georgette F. âge réel- 10 ans _, âge mental- 6 ans _, quotient- 0,6"

Baby cap
Satin baby cap that is embroidered with a floral motif and decorated with small brown rectangular beads. Attached card says:
"Ce bonnet est offert pour un Bebe Americain dont je desire connaitre le nom. J'ai confectionne ce bonnet. Je suis une grande mere de 77 ans. Mon epoux a 86 ans. Il est un des membre de l'equipage du bateau l'Isere qui a transporte la Statue de La Liberte a l'ile Br[?] a New-York. Il avait 19 ans. Notre reconnaissance et remerciements. Nous sommes sinistres et refugiesde Lorient a Vannes. 58 Avenue Victor-Hugo, Morbihan, France."

Travel case
Leather travel case with a nickel clasp that contains two glass bottles with nickel caps and small glass stoppers.

Travel case, open

Evening bag
Evening bag made of cardboard that is covered in fabric with a silvered thread overlay and a two part closure. The interior features double pockets on each side. There is writing inside that says:
"Modèle Déposé, 0459 AS 7164".
Strip of paper loose inside bag:
"Evening Bag from Paris"
Attached tag says: "G. Tiard, 23 Bd St. Martin, Paris"

Evening bag, open

Coin purse
Plastic oval coin purse with a blue silk interior and separate closure for an extra interior pocket. The outside of the box features a silver oval ornament on one side and a silver, seashell shaped clasp. Inside the purse there are gold letters that say: "MAISON FENOUX," the street address is erased but "Paris" is visible.
(detail, purse open)

Coin purse, open

Leather wallet with two half pockets and one leather divider. There is a pinecone motif on one side and the edges are lined with leather windings that go through holes.

Triple fold wallet or case with a stamped design along two borders and a plastic lining on the inside.

Cut glass or crystal mirror with beveled edges and etched floral designs. The handle appears to represent a woman's leg. Etched on the back of the mirror it says:
"French Gratitude Train 1948"

Wooden cane with a carved snake that is wound around the center of the shaft. The shaft is elaborately carved in addition to the snake with a mottled background and small flowers with colored beads in the center. The top has a carved knob that resembles a bud or pinecone. Carved into the shaft under the snake's head is:
"ARGONNE 14 15 16".
An attached tag says:
"Envoi de [in ink] Emile Giot ancien combattant 1914-1918. 15 Rue de Ponehelts. Nice.
M [in ink] à nos camarades-frères d'armes Américains anciens combattants de la grande guerre 1914-1918. Remis le 11 Novembre 1948"
[Sent by Emile Giot, veteran of 1914-1918. 15 Rue de Ponehelts [?], Nice.
Sent to our American comrade-brothers in arms from the great war of 1914-1918]
On the back of the tag it says:
"avec son reconnaissant souvenir et celui de ses camarades de combat. [illegible] de la reconnaissance française, 11 Novembre 1948!
(cane taillée et sculptée par un poilu, front d'Argonne, 1914-1915-1916)"
[with thankful recognition and those of his comrades of combat [illegible] of French thanks, 11 Novembre 1948. (cane cut and shaped by a French soldier, Argonne front, 1914-16)].
(detail photo 1)(detail photo 2)(detail photo 3)

Pocket-size pistol with an octagonal barrel. The top jaw from the hammer is missing.

Gratitude Train


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