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Chaplain Brian Kane

About 45 days after we arrived . . .the senior priest at Al Asad . . .had to be evacuated from theater. And that left Chaplain Kane, Brian Kane, as the senior Catholic chaplain in western Iraq . . . he was given the responsibility of coordinating all Catholic chaplain support in western Iraq. He did an outstanding job; he flew out on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day . . . [and did] an absolutely astonishing number of services . . . in eight or nine different Forwarding Operating Bases. I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of about 30 different services. He and his chaplain's assistant didn't sleep for nearly 72 hours, as they moved from FOB to FOB to provide religious services at Christmas . . . . He did just a phenomenal thing, he was probably exposed to the real elements of war more than virtually the rest of us, because he was called out frequently to provide the last rites for soldiers and marines that were brought into the hospitals and was also at one of the Forwarding Operating Bases when they suffered a mass casualty incident . . . . [H]e was one of those people you could always go to and, probably, if there was a popularity contest in the unit he was the winner . . . I cannot think of anybody that did not like Father Kane, he was just terrific.  
  --Colonel Kenneth Hassler, commander, 67th Area Support Group.

Father Brian Kane, captain and chaplain of the 67th Area Support Group, stands in front of a small chapel at Marine Forward Operating Base Korean Village before hearing confessions and celebrating Catholic mass for Marines stationed there.

Father Brian Kane of Morse Bluff was deployed with the 67th Area Support Group
to the Al Asad Air Base in west central Iraq from September 2005 until September 2006. The 67th Area Support Group was in charge of garrison headquarters and base infrastructure. The unit also provided judge advocate general (legal) services on base, coordinated Catholic chaplain support in western Iraq, and operated a poll workers camp before and after the 2005 Iraq elections.
Source: All objects were loaned by Brian Kane

Medallions given as informal awards by commanders to soldiers for doing an exemplary job.


Chaplain Brian Kane conducts outdoor Christmas Eve Mass at a small Forward Operating Base in the Al Anbar province of Iraq.

Chaplain Kane conducts Mass at Camp Rawah, a small Forward Operating Base in the Al Anbar province of Iraq.



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