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Sergeant Sion Odom


Sergeant Sion Odom of Lincoln was a gunner/vehicle commander with Troop A, 1-167th Cavalry when it was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq, from June 2005 until June 2006. The troop provided security for officers, explosive ordnance disposal personnel, and convoys. Its mission also included tactical combat patrols, targeting and surveillance, and destruction of enemy weapons caches. Troop A became the most decorated combat unit from the Nebraska National Guard since World War II.
Source: All objects were loaned by Sion Odom

Sergeant Sion Odom with the truck he normally traveled in.
The barracks where he lived is in the background.

Commanders presented informal medallions
to soldiers who were doing an exemplary job.
Piece of marble from the floor of
one of Saddam Hussein's palaces.

 (text of car bomb video) (download Quicktime to view?)

This [video] is when we were cleaning up after a car bomb

 (text of dust storm video) (download Quicktime to view?)

We were on a mission in Ramadi and taking care of an IED when a dust storm came in. They usually lasted 10-15 minutes and the guys would just wait them out. I remember about three of them during the deployment. They weren't choking [the dust storms] but guys might cover their mouths if they had something.

 (text of IED video) (download Quicktime to view?)

These are IEDs that were found before they blew up. Our unit would be called to get the IEDs when they were discovered. Then we'd put them in a pit and blow them up.

This is from an EOD [explosive ordinance disposal] mission.
Sion Odom is in the rear vehicle.


A man was approaching an observation point with binoculars and surveying it. Observation points were staffed by soldiers and set up along highways about every mile or so to observe the situation and watch for IEDs being laid. The suspicious man was shot in the leg as it was believed he may have been a suicide bomber. Our unit was called in to deal with him. They found the man and Sergeant Joe Dunlap is approaching him in this image. The man did not have explosives and he was given medical treatment and detained for questioning.


The 1-167th arriving home in Nebraska. Sion Odom is in front on the right.

When things happen such as 9/11, soldiers want to go do something about it.
--Captain Jeff Searcey, commander, Troop A, 1-167th Cavalry, Nebraska National Guard

Captain Jeff Searcy during his earlier deployment with the 1-167th to Bosnia

  text of audio

Captain Jeff Searcy, commander of the 1-167th during their deployment in Iraq, on the unit's lasting effect on the Global War on Terrorism.




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