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Specialist Andrew Rodriguez

All differences set aside, when it came down to it they always pulled together as a team. There's a lot of pride in this company.   
Andrew Rodriguez

Specialist Andrew Rodriguez while deployed in Iraq.

Specialist Andrew Rodriguez of Lincoln was deployed to Iraq with the 267th Ordnance Company from February 2004 until February 2005. At Forward Operating Base Speicher near Tikrit the company provided maintenance, recovery, repair, and up-armoring of military vehicles. Rodriguez repaired weapons and also volunteered to serve as a gunner on missions. He came home two weeks early to assist his wife, Monica, during the pregnancy of their third child.
Source: All objects were loaned by Andrew Rodriguez
Oral Interviews with Specialist Andrew Rodriguez

 Arrival at FOB Speicher in Iraq text of audio
 Living conditions, Food, MRE's, Iraqi food text of audio
 Loss of soldiers text of audio

Sergeant First Class Linda Tarango-Griess and Staff Sergeant Jeremy Fischer of the 267th Ordnance Company were killed in action on July 11, 2004, by an Improvised Explosive Device.

In the back of your head reality sets in about what can happen and it's the fear of the unknown and I think that kind of eats away at you and you try not to let it and think of the positive things or you just live for the day.

A picture of Husker Ville and the MWR [Morale, Welfare and Recreation building] some of our soldiers built and dedicated to Sergeant Fischer and Sergeant First Class Linda Ann Tarango-Griess.

Andrew Rodriquez with his wife, Monica, and their children

We had to change the way we did things on a daily basis. It was hard at first getting myself adjusted to doing everything I would do, plus what he would do.   --Monica Rodriquez

Oral Interviews with Monica Rodriguez, Specialist Andrew Rodriguez' wife.

 Monica telling son about deployment text of audio
 Hearing about loss of soldiers text of audio
 Feelings about war text of audio
Excerpts from letters Monica wrote to Andrew.

I kind of had an idea of what a mortar is. I think to me everything is so scary, even when you tell me you hear gunshots . . . just being where you are is scary but God is so wonderful and has been so wonderful with us since we met.   --Monica Rodriquez

I missed you on Halloween night because it is hard to see my friends with their husbands and kids and find myself alone. But at the end of that I thought to myself that next year it will not be the same if God allows.   --Monica Rodriquez 

When we first arrived at Camp Speicher three to four of us had to share a two-man "hooch" and this was my little corner for a couple of weeks.

A picture of "Husker Ville." The trailers we lived in were all lined up in rows surrounded by Hesco baskets filled with sand. Hesco baskets are named that for the company that makes them. They come in two sizes and we fill them with sand. The bigger sized ones we put around the entire perimeter of "Husker Ville," and the smaller ones around the trailers to protect from enemy mortar shrapnel. The enemy manages to fire small rockets and mortar rounds at the base and you never know where they're going to land. The trailers we lived in are shipping containers with windows, doors, and a/c units installed. Soldiers refer to them as hooches or connex boxes.

This was taken at Camp Virginia in Kuwait. I was making sure that the M249 machine gun fit properly and was at the right height for me. I rode in the back of an FMTV [Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles] truck as a gunner on the two-day trip north to Camp Speicher in Iraq.

Restaurants at Camp Speicher

I took this picture going from Camp Virginia to Navistar on the Kuwait/Iraq border the day before we crossed into Iraq.



Armorer's tool kit 



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