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Susie Buck, Farm Wife

Susie and John Buck
in front of their Sutton, Nebraska, home.

Susie Clute was born in 1857 in Brimfield, Illinois, and married John M. Buck in 1877. In 1888 they moved to Sutton, Nebraska, to farm. In 1925 John died and Susie went to live with her son Ralph and his wife Mabel in Sutton. She died in 1952 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Susie Buck's twenty-two diaries held by the Nebraska State Historical Society span the years from 1911 through 1937. These small volumes are not designed for lengthy descriptions of a day's events nor for musings on the meaning of life. True to their purpose, they are filled with short notes about weather, social life, farm and housework.

Mon, July 15, 1935
Washing this a.m. nice morning About 1-20 we went C.C. Ruth Prewit went with us the Lang 80 acres 6 mi. So of town was sold at auction Ralph bid on it sold for 2,580. In eve went to see kitten ball Fairfield girls Sutton girls won 19-10. warm Mrs. Lapttiorn's father buried in Lincoln Moon total eclipse.

Even small diaries record important events in a person's life.
In July of 1925, Susie's daily entries begin to mention her husband's health.

Aug. 14
Frank went west at 7-30. I went down with John when he went to Dr. Kellogge. Nice day. John about the same. No better. I am so worried.

John's health worsened
and an increasing number of unfilled pages in Susie's diary tell the story. Then, on September 19, Susie writes:

Sept. 19
At four p.m. at Franks John left us. Julia, Georgie, John, Susie & children was there. Rev. & Mrs. Cox had been gone but a few minutes. Then came back.

Susie's diary entries are not given to emotion, but those entries following her husband's death are irregular and on an unfilled page in September, Susie writes this:

I love you all, but oh how I long to go to you bright world so fair, where God is love and I am sure I will meet dear John there

Gradually Susie returns to fill her diary with brief entries about trips to town, visits with friends, and the work of keeping house. But for several months following John's death, her diary entries occasionally end with "A lonesome day" or simply "lonesome."



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