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Bank of Commerce (Grand Island, Neb.)

RG4220.AM:  Bank of Commerce (Grand Island, Neb.)

Records:  1887-1896
Grand Island, Hall County, Neb.:  Bank
Size:  5 volumes


The Bank of Commerce of Grand Island, Nebraska, was incorporated on April 1, 1887. J.P. Lanigan was elected president of the institution which began operations with a capital stock of $50,000. Other presidents during the banks' short existence were J.O. Moore and E.L. Dodder, Sr. The facility, which was located in the Scarff Building at 224 East Third Street, had stockholders consisting of some of the community's most prominent citizens. By 1890, there were fifty-two stockholders in this bank, which showed a combined capital of $150,000. However, shortly thereafter, the institution encountered financial difficulties and closed by 1896. At that time, liabilities exceeded assets by approximately $80,000.


This collection of the records of the Commerce Bank, Grand Island, Nebraska, consists of five volumes of manuscript material arranged in one series: 1) Account Books, 1887-1896.

These volumes contain records of bills received, bank deposits, and general ledger accounts. The bulk of the collection consists of ledgers containing transactions for specific depositor accounts. Arrangement of entries within each account is chronological. Two volumes, Depositors Ledger D (April 1890-October 1892) and Depositors Ledger E (November 1892-October 1894) include indexes.


Series 1 - Account Books, 1887-1896

  1. Bills Received A, May 1887-January 1896
  2. Ledger B, November 1894-January 1896
  3. Ledger C, March 1890-December 1895
  4. Depositors Ledger D, April 1890-October 1892
  5. Depositors Ledger E, November 1892-October 1894



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Grand Island (Neb.) -- History
Hall County (Neb.) -- History


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