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Bellevue Land Claim Association (Bellevue, Neb.)

RG1542.AM:  Bellevue Land Claim Association (Bellevue, Neb.)

Minute book and deed:  1856-1861
Bellevue, Sarpy County, Neb.:  Land Claim Association
Size:  2 items


Two events in 1854 prepared the way for settlement in Bellevue. In March the Omaha, Otoe, and Missouri tribes signed treaties relinquishing their claim upon land in most of eastern Nebraska. In May the Kansas-Nebraska Act was signed opening Nebraska Territory to white settlement.

New settlers poured into Bellevue to claim land. As a form of protection against claim disputes, claim clubs were organized to protect their members. The Bellevue Land Claim Association was one such organization.


This collection consists of two items: a minute/account book of the Association dating from 1856-1861, and a land deed documenting a land transaction involving the Association dating from 1858.


  1. Bellevue Land Claim Association minute/account book, 1856-1861
  2. Land deed, 1858



Bellevue Land Claim Association (Bellevue, Neb.)
Bellevue (Neb.) -- History
Land settlement
Sarpy County (Neb.) -- History


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