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Cain and House Company (Falls City, Neb.)

RG4214.AM:  Cain and House Company (Falls City, Neb.)

Records:  1876-1881
Falls City, Richardson County, Neb.:  General store
Size:  3 volumes and 1 folder


The Cain and House Company, formerly known as Powell and Cain, was a general merchandising business founded in 1873 in Falls City by George W. Powell and James R. Cain. By the late 1870s, Cain bought out Powell's interest in the firm. Cain continued as sole owner of the business until 1880 when he sold a half-interest to D.R. House. The latter subsequently purchased the entire company one year later.


This collection of business records of the Cain and House Company (formerly known as Powell and Cain Company) consists of three volumes and one folder arranged in two series: 1) Account Books, 1876-1881; and 2) Legal Records, 1881.

The volumes of Series 1, Account Books, 1876-1881, contain records of daily receipts and expenditures as well as ledger accounts during the first five years of the company. Specifically, Volume 1 is a daybook that lists transactions chronologically from October 1876 to November 1879. Volume 2 (1878-1880) combines day book and ledger entries. Volume 3 is a ledger (including index) consisting of debit and credit entries for individual accounts for the period 1880-1881. Series 2 consists of copies of an unsigned lease agreement from 1881. Apparently, the firm of Powell and Cain was intending to lease building space.


Series 1 - Account Books, 1876-1881

  1. Day book, 1876-1879
  2. Day book/ledger, 1878-1880
  3. Ledger, 1880-1881

Series 2 - Legal Records, 1881

  1. Lease Agreement, 1881



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