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Cudahy Packing Company (South Omaha, Neb.)

RG1605.AM:  Cudahy Packing Company (South Omaha, Neb.)

Letter:  1903, 1956-1958
South Omaha, Douglas County, Neb.:  Meat packer
Size:  2 items


This collection consists of two items. The first item is a letter dated December 15, 1903, written by E.A. Cudahy of the Cudahy Packing Company of South Omaha, Nebraska, to Congressman W.J. Smith. In it, Cudahy asks Smith to vote against Senate Bill No. 1261, a bill which pertained to insurance. (1993.0424)

The second item is a history of the Cudahy Packing Company (4 pages) and the meat packing industry in general (7 pages). Also included with the history is a cover letter from the Cudahy Packing Company to Mrs. Fred DeWeese. (Transferred from the NSHS Library)


Letter, 1903, Dec. 15
History of Cudahy Packing Company and meat packing industry



Cudahy Packing Company (South Omaha, Neb.)
Cudahy, E.A.
Douglas County (Neb.) -- Businesses
Meat industry and trade -- Nebraska
South Omaha (Neb.) -- Businesses


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