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Fidelity Trust Company (Fremont, Neb.)

RG5685.AM:  Fidelity Trust Company (Fremont, Neb.)

Records:  1911-1922
Fremont, Dodge County, Neb.:  
Size:  1.5 cu.ft.; 2 boxes


The Fidelity Trust Company of Fremont, Nebraska was officially incorporated on September 21, 1911 with the authorized capital stock of $200,000. The initial board of directors included R.B. Schneider, E.R. Gurney, T.L. Mathews, Paul Colson, Henry Teigeler, S.S. Van Horn, Frank Koss, D.V. Stephens, H.J. Lee, C.G. Marshall, Ross L. Hammond, J.H. Hoebener, F.B. Knapp, Ira Williams, and S.S. Sidner. The initial officers included R.B. Schneider, President; F.B. Knapp, Vice President; J.A. Donahue, Secretary and Treasurer; and E.R. Gurney, Chairman of the Executive Committee.


The collection consists of two boxes of records relating to the Fidelity Trust Company of Fremont, Nebraska. The records date from 1911-1922 and include articles of incorporation and by-laws, meeting minutes, journal entries, balance sheets, etc. The fourth volume in Box 1 consists of stock certificates for the First Safe Deposit Company of Fremont, Nebraska, which was apparently an off-shoot of the Fidelity Trust Company. The second box of records was added at a later date and contains additional minutes of meetings, estate and guardianship papers for accounts held by the company, check registers, etc. A more detailed inventory for Box 2 is not available at this time.


Box 1
  1. Record book, 1911-1913 including:
    Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws (pp. 1-11)
    Minutes of Meetings (pp. 41-46)
    Stock Register (pp. 202-211)
    Stockholder's Ledger (pp. 241-280)
    Record of Transfers (pg. 281)
    Dividend Register (pp. 301-304)
  2. Journal, 1911-1913
  3. Balance Book, 1911-1914
  4. First Safe Deposit Company stock certificate book

Box 2 (Unprocessed)

Additional records including minutes of meetings, estate and guardianship papers, check registers, etc.



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Encoded TMM   02-23-2010
Revised TMM   10-08-2010


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