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Plattsmouth Canning Company (Plattsmouth, Neb.)

RG4224.AM:  Plattsmouth Canning Company (Plattsmouth, Neb.)

Records:  1885-1889
Plattsmouth, Cass County, Neb.:  Canning company
Size:  2 volumes and 1 box


The Plattsmouth Canning Company was a relatively short-lived enterprise which was established at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, in March of 1885. The company's officers were F.R. Guthman (President) and Fred Gorder (Vice President). Initially, the operation did a lucrative business and was enjoying "a prosperous condition" according to the 1886-1887 Nebraska State Gazetteer and Business Directory. However, by late 1888, the facility had encountered some financial and legal difficulties which would sporadically plague the company throughout the remainder of its existence. In 1893 the canning factory, which at this time employed over 125 workers and had a 1,500,000 cans per annum capacity, underwent a name change to the Plattsmouth Canning Works. The latter during the mid-1890s was forced to reduce operations due to the sour economic climate. By the turn of the century, the company ceased operations altogether.


This collection consists of business records of the Plattsmouth Canning Company contained within two volumes and five file folders in one box. Arrangement is in two series: 1) Account Books, 1885-1887; and 2) Miscellany, 1885-1889.

The bulk of this collection relates to the ongoing business activities of the Plattsmouth Canning Company during its early years. Specifically, Volume 1 of the first series, Account Books, is titled "Ledger A" and treats debits and credits of various accounts from 1885 through 1887. An index is included. The second volume, "Journal A," is a cash book with entries for transactions involving cash received and disbursed during the period 1885-1887. The second series, Miscellany, 1885-1889, includes five file folders of diverse materials such as company correspondence, legal agreements, insurance information, and receipts.


Series 1 - Account Books, 1885-1887

  1. Ledger A, 1885, Mar. - 1887, Dec. (includes index)
  2. Journal A, 1885, Mar. - 1887, Dec.

Series 2 - Miscellany, 1885-1889

Box 1
  1. 1885
  2. 1886
  3. 1887
  4. 1888
  5. 1889



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Plattsmouth Canning Company (Plattsmouth, Neb.)
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