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Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (Emerald, Neb.)

RG2708.AM:  Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (Emerald, Neb.)

Records:  1884-1994
Emerald, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Evangelical Lutheran church
Size:  8 volumes on 2 reels of microfilm


The Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church was officially organized on February 15, 1885. The congregation selected as its name "Deutsche Evangelisch Zions Gemeinde." It is located near the now-defunct Post Office of Emerald, Lancaster County, Nebraska, but the site is presently considered to be part of the city of Lincoln, Nebraska.


This collection consists of eight volumes of church records, 1884-1994, and printed matter, 1960, relating to the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church and to Germans in Lancaster County, Nebraska. The records include minutes, marriage, birth, and death registers, baptisms, confirmations, funerals, pastors, and historical events. The earliest volumes are written in the German language and are accompanied by a compilation and translation of church records from 1887-1910 by Reverend V. Peil.

Note:  Only Reel 1 is available through Interlibrary Loan. Reel 2 can only be used on-site.


Reel 1
  1. 1884-1897, Record-Buch. 113 p.
  2. 1885-1928, Secretar-Buch. 176 p.
  3. 1888-1932, Proto Koll
  4. 1895, Familien Register der Gleider der Evangelisch Lutherischen Zions Gemeinde an der Middle Creek [precinct] Lancaster County, Nebraska. J.S. Gutleben Midland College. September 25, 1895.
  5. 1897, Kirchen Register der Evangelisch Lutherischen Zions Gemeinde. Middle Creek, Lancaster County, Nebraska. J.S. Gutleben. Aug. 1897
  6. 1931-1962, Parish Register Volume one.

Records of the Zion German Lutheran Church, 1887-1910. Translated and compiled from the originals by Reverend J. Peil, pastor. February 10, 1938. Typescript, 16 p.

75th Anniversary 1885-1960 [pamphlet]

Reel 2 (not available through Interlibrary loan)
  1. 1963-1979, Baptisms, confirmations, marriages, funerals
  2. 1979-1994, Pastors, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, funerals, historical events



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Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (Emerald, Neb.)


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