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Kilgore Baptist Church (Kilgore, Neb.)

RG4080.AM:  Kilgore Baptist Church (Kilgore, Neb.)

Records:  1913-1980
Kilgore, Cherry County, Neb.:  Baptist church
Size:  4 volumes on 1 reel of microfilm


Beginning in 1900, visiting ministers held services in the Georgia area (later Kilgore) of the Nebraska sandhills in Cherry County. These visits were supported primarily by the First German Baptist Church in Omaha. In 1907 a Sunday School was started. In 1909 a church was organized. Services were held in the Methodist church for a time until Stanley Rothleutner furnished a hall for the Baptist services. In 1913 a Baptist church building was erected, and this one was replaced with a new building in 1962.


This collection consists of the records of the Kilgore Baptist Church on one reel of microfilm, arranged in two series: 1) Church Records, 1913-1980 and 2) Historical Material. The Church Records consist of four volumes containing lists of members, baptisms, marriages, burials and minutes of meetings. The Historical Material contains copies of the constitution and by-laws, a history of the church, and some pages from the earliest record book.

These records were loaned for filming by the congregation in February of 1982.


Series 1 - Church Records, 1913-1980

Reel 1
  1. 1913-1931
  2. 1931-1953
  3. 1953-1961
  4. 1962-1980

Series 2 - Historical Material

  1. Constitution and by-laws
  2. History of the church, 1913-1963
  3. Material copied from older records.



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