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Emmanuel Reformed Church (Sutton, Neb.)

RG3218.AM:  Emmanuel Reformed Church (Sutton, Neb.)

Records:  1874-1946
Sutton, Clay County, Neb.:  Reformed church
Size:  2 volumes on 1 reel of microfilm


In the late 1860s, a number of Germans immigrated to Nebraska from Russia in order to avoid forced military service and religious persecution. Basically of the Reformed Faith, a colony of these immigrants settled near Sutton, Nebraska, and began to hold church services in the late 1860s. However, it was not until February 20, 1877, that the German Reformed Church was organized under the direction of Pastor Reverend William Bonekeeper, son of a minister who had ministered to those of the Reformed Faith in Russia. The early years found the new congregation meeting in private homes, stores and even barns. Not until 1879 was a church building constructed and, although it was later destroyed, a similar structure was built in the same location.


This collection consists of one reel of microfilm containing two volumes of church records dating from 1874-1946. The material in this collection relates to the official activities of the Emmanuel Reformed Church (German Reformed Church) of Sutton, Nebraska. Included are Pastor, birth, marriage, death, confirmation, family and officer registers. In addition, lists of communicants, church members and amounts of collections received are recorded. Both volumes are in the German language.


Reel 1
  1. 1874-1905
  2. 1906-1946



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