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Czech Fraternal Organizations (Nebraska)

RG1471.AM:  Czech Fraternal Organizations (Nebraska)

Records:  1881-1953
Nebraska:  Czech fraternal organizations
Size:  15 volumes


This collection consists of fifteen volumes of records from various Czech fraternal organizations (mostly in and around Wilber, Nebraska). Although some of the volumes are unidentified, most probably relate to the Czecho-Slovak Protective Society (Cesko-Slovensk› PodporujĚcĚ Spolek - C.S.P.S.) and the Western Bohemian Fraternal Association (Z·padnĚ Cesko Bratrsk· Jednota ń Z.C.B.J.). The records include lodge minutes, receipts and expenditures, membership dues, and other financial information recorded by the lodges and date from 1881-1953.


Czecho-Slovak Protective Society (C.S.P.S.), lodge #29 (Wilber)

  1. Quarterly report book, 1881-1902; Monthly publications of lodge deaths (loose documents), c. 1892-1902 (see OB033)
  2. Membership record book, 1893-1899
  3. Minute book, 1896-1928

Western Bohemian Fraternal Association (Z.C.B.J.) (Wilber)

  1. Receipt book, 1908-1915
  2. Insurance and dues payment book, 1918

Unidentified (probably Wilber)

  1. Treasurer's book, 1882-1892
  2. Receipts and expenditures, 1881-1887
  3. Receipts and expenditures, 1887-1892
  4. Receipts and expenditures, 1904-1909
  5. Receipts and expenditures, 1909-1914
  6. Insurance and dues payment book, 1908-1912
  7. Insurance and dues payment book, 1948
  8. Death insurance payment book, ca. 1911-1916

Western Bohemian Fraternal Association (Z.C.B.J.), Pathfinder lodge #263 (Omaha)

  1. Lodge minutes, 1927-1939
  2. Lodge minutes, 1940-1953



Czech history
Czechs -- Nebraska -- Douglas County
Czechs -- Nebraska -- Saline County
Ethnic groups -- Czech Americans
Local history -- Nebraska -- Omaha
Local history -- Nebraska -- Wilber


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