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Farmer's Club (Seward, Neb.)

RG0773.AM:  Farmer's Club (Seward, Neb.)

Minutes:  1895-6; 1899
Seward, Seward County, Neb.:  Farmer's Organization
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The Farmer's Club of Seward, Nebraska was temporarily organized on December 23, 1895. Originally intended to draw together the farmers of 'G' Township, the group decided to enlarge its scope of membership by holding its meetings in Seward. On January 2, 1896 the Farmer's Club organized officially, elected officers, and appointed a committee to draft a constitution and by-laws. The avowed mission of the club was "to advance the interest of agriculture, horticulture, dairying, stockraising, household and fine arts" in the Seward area.

It is likely that the Farmer's Club disbanded on February 4, 1899 when the $9.00 treasury balance was turned over to the local Farmer's Institute fund.


This collection consists of one volume of minutes dating from 1895-1896 and 1899. The minutes record the business conducted by the Farmer's Club of Seward, Nebraska. Also included at the back of the volume is the constitution and by-laws of the club and a listing of membership.

The volume also contains a few pages of a diary kept by an unidentified individual during 1905-6. The entries describe work done by and social activities participated in by this unknown scribe.


Volume 1:  Minutes, 1895-1896 and 1899; includes Constitution and By-Laws and Membership List; Diary of unknown individual also included.



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