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Farmers' Holiday Association (Neb.)

RG0986.AM:  Farmers' Holiday Association (Neb.)

Misc. papers:  1932-1934
Nebraska:  Fraternal organization
Size:  1 folder of manuscript material


The Farmers' Holiday Association (Neb.) was an organization formed by farmers in northeast Nebraska to protest the low prices they were receiving for their products.


The manuscript portion of this collection consists of articles relating to the farm rebellion of 1932-1933. Of special interest is the Farmers' National Weekly from March 3, 1933. Also included is an article from the November 1952, America Bar Association Journal titled, "Mother Bloor and the Communist Revolution in America."

The photo component of this collection [RG0986.PH] consists of news pictures taken during the Farm Holiday movement, when farmers marched on the Nebraska Legislature demonstrating for the Farm Mortgage Moratorium. Photographs show a large group of people with picket signs outside the capitol and Farm Holiday pickets along the route to Omaha stopping trucks.

The audio component of the collection [RG0986.AU] includes seven cassette and reel-to-reel tapes of oral history interviews relating mostly to the Loup City, Nebraska, riots of 1934. Interviewees are Dee Minshull, Cecil Travis, Richard Dinsdale, Orville Sell, Bert Sell, Eric Olson, Ernest Moehnert, and Harry Lux.


See State Archives collection RG0229: Sherman County District Court - State of Nebraska vs. Ella Bloor et. al., Sept. 18, 1934. See the Nebraska History index and the NSHS Library catalog for additional articles and publications about the Farmers' Holiday Association.


Misc. articles relating to the Farmers' Holiday Association (Neb.)



Agriculture -- Nebraska
Bloor, Ella Reeve, 1862-1951
Dinsdale, Richard
Farm holiday movement
Farm mortgage moratorium
Farmers -- Nebraska
Farmers' Holiday Association (Neb.)
Fraternal organizations -- Nebraska
Loup City (Neb.) -- History
Loup City Riots (Loup City, Neb.)
Lux, Harry
Minshull, Dee
Moehnert, E.W. (Mrs.)
Moehnert, Ernest
Olson, Eric
Sell, Bert
Sell, Orville
Travis, Cecil
Women -- Nebraska -- Loup City


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