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Free School Advocate (Omaha, Neb.)

RG4298.AM:  Free School Advocate (Omaha, Neb.)

Handwritten newspapers:  1859-1860
Omaha, Douglas County, Neb.:  School newspaper
Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


The Free School Advocate, the first number of which was issued on 21 December 1859, may have been the first effort at school journalism in Nebraska. Various pupils contributed editorials, essays, verse, fiction, news items, humor, etc., and student editors copied the materials in longhand. The paper was issued weekly and was read aloud on stated occasions as part of the school exercises.


This collection is arranged in two Series: 1) Original issues of the Free School Advocate; and 2) Historical information. The papers comprise an early, and possibly the first, effort at school journalism in Nebraska. Items give evidence of the educational methods and attainments of the community, and reflect to some extent the social and political atmosphere of the time and place.


Series 1 - Original issues of the Free School Advocate

Box 1
  1. Vol. 1, No.1, Dec. 21, 1859
    Vol. 1, No.2, Jan. 11, 1860
    Vol. 1, No.4, Feb. 8, 1860
    Vol. 1, No.7, Mar. 14, 1860
    Vol. 1, No.8, Mar. 21, 1860
    Vol. 1, No.9, Mar. 28, 1860
    Vol. 1, No.10?, Apr. 1860
    Also includes eight photostats of pages from vol.1
  2. Vol. 2, No.2, May 23, 1860 [also given as vol. 2, no.2, May 30, 1860]
    Vol. 2, No.5, July 3, 1860
    Vol. 2, No. 6-7, Both dated July 13, 1860
  3. Material for four other issues lacking title pages covers and dates

Series 2 - Historical information

  1. Note from Mrs. Grigor telling history of the Free School Advocate and of Omaha schools
    Commencement invitation, 1899



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Free School Advocate (Omaha, Neb.)
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