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Friends Cemetery Association of Platte County (Monroe, Neb.)

RG2429.AM:  Friends Cemetery Association of Platte County (Monroe, Neb.)

Records:  ca. 1877-1993
Monroe, Platte County, Neb.:  Cemetery association
Size:  1 volume on 1 reel of microfilm


The Friends Cemetery Association of Platte County was organized on February 17, 1877 by members of the Genoa Monthly Meeting of Friends. A constitution and by-laws were adopted on March 10, 1877 and land for a burial ground was purchased from George S. Truman, one of the founders of the Association. The cemetery was located adjacent to the Meeting House near Monroe, Platte County, and Genoa, Nance County, and the preponderance of interments are from those towns.


This collection consists of one volume of manuscript material designated as one series: 1) Record Book, ca. 1877-1993. The volume pertains to the activities of the Friends Cemetery Association of Platte County and the burials in the Friends Cemetery.

The Record Book contains the Association's Constitution and By-Laws; Minutes, 1914-1985, which chronicle the annual and special meetings of the Association, including members in attendance, treasurer's reports, and motions passed; and a Record of Burials with an alphabetical index. The Record of Burials, ca. 1877-1993, provides a wealth of information about the circumstances of death for each individual. Listed are the individual's name, residence, sex, race, birthplace, occupation, marital status, date and place of death, cause of death, age, certifying physician, clergyman and undertaker and residence of both, religion of the deceased, and sexton. Also shown is the lot owner, a lot and block designation, and payment status. In a few cases, obituaries, deeds, or permits are attached.


Series 1 - Record book, ca. 1877-1993

Reel 1
  1. Record Book, ca. 1877-1993 (includes Constitution and By-Laws; Minutes, 1914-1985; and Record of Burials with alphabetical index, ca. 1877-1993)


Records of various Friends Meetings in Nebraska, 1882-1997, may be found in the Religious Society of Friends collection [RG3639]. Further sources for Friends Meetings in Nebraska are listed in Monthly Meetings in North America: A Quaker Index, available in the NSHS library collections.



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Friends Cemetery Association of Platte County (Monroe, Neb.)
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