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Hickman Cemetery Association (Hickman, Neb.)

RG1086.AM:  Hickman Cemetery Association (Hickman, Neb.)

Records:  1901-1902, 1915-1918, 1931
Hickman, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Cemetery association
Size:  1 folder


This collection consists of various items relating to the Hickman Cemetery Association in Hickman, Nebraska. Included in the collection are minutes of meetings, as well as lists of names of people who contributed to the cemetery fence fund and miscellaneous other funds. Also included are miscellaneous bills and a removal permit for Daniel Austin Skinner of Bethany, Nebraska, dating from December 10, 1915.



Cemeteries -- Nebraska -- Hickman
Cemeteries -- Nebraska -- Lancaster County
Hickman Cemetery Association (Hickman, Neb.)
Hickman (Neb.)
Skinner, Daniel Austin


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