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Young Men's Christian Association (Neb.)

RG4370.AM:  Young Men's Christian Association (Neb.)

Miscellany:  1894-1959; bulk 1894
Size:  1 folder


This material relates primarily to letters to and from the then acting State Secretary, C.M. Copeland, who was traveling about the state trying to establish associations or to incorporate existing associations into the YMCA. The letters describe conditions in the towns visited and the state of the organizations which he inspected. Also included are various newsletters, programs and reports relating to the YMCA.


Letters (7), 1894, Apr. 30 - May 21
Newsletters (2), ca. 1894, May-June
Monthly report, Fremont YMCA to the state Executive Committee, 1894, June
Statistical report, Union Pacific Railroad Department of the North Platte YMCA, 1894, Sept.
Y.M.C.A. News Bulletin, 1959
Convention Program, 1905
Camp Sheridan Brochure, 1928
Program, Sunday Afternoon Service featuring Pres. William Howard Taft, 1911



Young Men's Christian Association (Neb.)


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