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Copies of NSHS Photographs

Did you see a photograph you just have to have? Are you a researcher, web designer or media producer who needs a photograph for your project? Do you have a school history paper due and need the perfect photograph to illustrate your text?

We can help. In most cases, the Nebraska State Historical Society can create a digital file or print for you from our photograph collections.

Reproduction costs are listed on the Fees for Duplication & Special Access schedule (PDF).  Additional use fees may apply; for more information on obtaining permission to use photographs, see our Use Policy (PDF) and Fees for the Use of Still Images (PDF).

A few things to know about requesting photos:

How to Request a Photograph by Mail or Fax:
Follow these steps to request a photograph by fax or mail:

1. Print out the Photograph Request Form . You can access this document with Adobe Reader, which you can download for free from Adobe's website.

Get Acrobat Reader

The fields marked with asterisks (*) are required; orders will not be processed without this information. Use a separate copy of this form for each image you order.

2. In the first box, identify the photograph you want by filling in the photograph number, (for example, RG3542.PH:1-1) and a brief description of the photograph (for example: two girls holding snowballs). If you found the image in a book, magazine or other publication, list the citation (including page number), and if possible include a photocopy with the request form.

NOTE: If you do not have the photograph number, your request may require staff research. For the fees for this service see the Fees for Duplication & Special Access schedule.

3. Next, tell us what kind of result you want: 

NOTE: Our master scan files are made at an image resolution of 800ppi. However, we are capable of scans up to 2500ppi. Orders for resolutions higher than 800ppi incur a higher charge (see  the Fees for Duplication & Special Access schedule).

Image dimension is the height and width of the image, measured in inches. We typically provide files at dimensions that match those of the original. However, if you intend to greatly increase the size of the image in your application, you may prefer to specify an image dimension, and to increase the image resolution accordingly. These modifications may incur higher duplication fees (see our Fees for Duplication & Special Access schedule).

4.     Let us know how you intend to use the image and some other information on the project. This will allow us to determine if use fees are required, and if so what they will be (see our and Fees for the Use of Still Images for costs).  

5.     Give us your contact information. If you represent a company or organization, be sure to indicate if it is a for-profit or not-for-profit entity.

6.     Fax or mail the completed form to: (DO NOT SEND MONEY WITH YOUR REQUEST)

Photograph Orders
Nebraska State Historical Society
P.O. Box 82554
Lincoln, NE 68501-2554
Fax: 402-471-8922

7. A member of the NHSH reference staff will contact you regarding your request and final total, including tax and shipping.

How to Request a Photograph by E-Mail

You may also e-mail your request to us by cutting and pasting the E-Mail Photograph Request Form Text into an email message. Address it to, using the above instructions as a guide to complete the information. Use "Photograph Request" as a subject line.  


In a Standard Print, we give you everything that is on the original, all the way to the edge. A Pretty Print is trimmed to eliminate any rough edge, including photograph numbers etched into the emulsion of negatives or textual information on the edge of the original. See the difference in the examples below:

photo, #2969127a
Standard Print
Photo, #2969127b
Pretty Print
Portrait of Fool Bull, taken by John Anderson, RG2969-1-27


Does the photograph you want have a color value? If so, you have a choice. Click on each image below to see the difference:

photo RGB
photo grayscale
Pontoon bridge at Nebraska City, Nebraska, RG2294-71


Help Us Digitize the photograph collections and make them available to you on this website.


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