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Digitizing the Photograph Collections

The Nebraska State Historical Society began digitizing the photograph collections in 1998. Digital imaging technology enables us to offer access to the information in the collections while at the same time safe guarding the originals for future generations.

image of advertising card
This advertising card for the Anderson Studio offers a wonderful opportunity to examine photographic portrait studios at the turn of the Twentieth Century. The original object measures only 2x3 inches. The photograph is even smaller. High resolution digital imaging allows us to closely examine small components of small originals. Click on the card to go to an image map.

photo of Anton Smock homestead
This is the Anton Smock homestead near Oconto, Custer County, Nebraska,
photographed by Solomon D. Butcher in 1904. Take a closer look at the small details revealed by high resolution digital imaging.

image by S. D. Butcher
Digital technology is shedding new light on previously hidden information. Nebraska photographer, Solomon D. Butcher produced, over the course of nearly forty years, a record of the European settlement of the Great Plains that is both unique and remarkable. These photographs have been used for more than fifty years to study the homesteading experience. Advanced digital imaging technology is now offering a way to see these photographs like they've never been seen before. See our online demonstration showcasing the power of digital imaging technology. RG2608.PH-1784


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