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E-Mail Photograph Request Form Text

How to Request a Photograph by E-Mail

E-mail your request to us by cutting and pasting this E-Mail Photograph Request Form Text into an e-mail message. Address it to, using the instructions as a guide to complete the information. Use "Photograph Request" as a subject line.

Complete one e-mail form for EACH image you wish to request. Required fields are marked with asterisks (*). Orders will not be processed without this information.

(Cut and paste the following text into your e-mail)

*Photograph number:
*Brief description:
*Citation (if applicable; attach scan if possible):

*If you want a DIGITAL FILE:
File format:
Image resolution:
Image dimension:

*If you want a PRINT:
Number of copies:
Print size:
Print type

*If you don't need the image, but want USE PERMISSION ONLY, type YES here:
Planned completion date:
For-profit use, type YES here:
Not-for-profit use, type YES here:

*How do you intend to use this image?
Title/Project Name:
Plannned Completion Date:
For-profit use, type YES here:
Not-for-profit use, type YES here:

Contact Information:
*Last name:
*First name:
For-profit, type YES here:
Not-for-profit, type YES here:
501C3# or other non-profit ID #:
*State or Province:
*Zip or postal code:

Normal processing time is TWO WEEKS for up to FIVE IMAGES. Five-Business Day Rush available at staff's discretion. Send no money now. We will contact you with a final total, including tax and shipping. E-mail this message to:


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