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The Nebraska State Fair Agricultural Exhibits

Each county created an impressive agricultural exhibit at the fair.

Lancaster County; 2531
Three gentlemen pose in front of Lancaster County's agricultural exhibit, 1880s.

Hayes County; 2532
Hayes County had plenty of melons in its exhibit, 1880s. RG3356.PH:2-29

Polk County; 2533
It will always be a mystery what crop grew the best in Polk County, 1880s.

Garfield County; 2534
Citizens of Garfield County made sure their agricultural products were well represented, 1880s.

Fillmore County; 2535
It must have been a good year for tomatoes in Fillmore County, 1880s.

Custer County; 2536
Custer County, 1880s

Douglas County; 2537
Douglas County, 1880s

Cheyenne County; 2539
Cheyenne County, 1880s

Nemaha County; 2540
Three buffalo heads adorned the Nemaha County exhibit, 1880s.

Kearney County; 2541
Kearney County displayed several sacks of homegrown goods, 1880s.

Webster County; 2542
Webster County, 1880s

Cherry County; 2543
Cherry County brings its best to the fair, 1880s.

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