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The Nebraska State Fair Livestock Shows

horses in 1888;  2545
State fair horse judging in 1888

pays to have a good bull, about 1905; 2550
Cows on display tried to prove that it pays to have a good bull, about 1905.

1895 fair in Omaha; 2564
Vegetables covered Horticultural Hall from floor to ceiling at the 1895 fair in Omaha.

Beatrice Simmons 1924; 2568
If only Beatrice Simmons of the First Heifer Calf Club could get her heifer to pay attention, 1924.

Champion Ag. Club Steer 1927; 2569
The Grand Champion Ag Club steer posed with its owner in front of the stockyards sign in 1927.

cattle stock parade 1920; 2572
Exhibitor in the cattle stock parade at the 1920 fair

What a rabbit! 1920; 2571
What a rabbit! Perfect alignment might have just won this showman first prize, about 1920.

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