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"Getting To The Source" brochures supplement various exhibits produced by the Society. They are intended to lead researchers to original documents in the Library/Archives that staff used in developing the exhibit text. These materials, and many more fascinating documents, are available for use in the public reading rooms of the Society at 1500 "R" Street in Lincoln. The staff there will be happy to help you get to the source.

* "The Czech-American Experience" (978.2.H62m v.74 nos.3-4)
This recent special double issue of Nebraska History (1993) is devoted to Czech immigration history, and includes numerous illustrations drawn from the exhibit, "The Heart of Two Continents."
* Czech Exhibit Photographic Collection (RG3809)
Developed from research leading to the exhibit "The Heart of Two Continents: Czechs and Nebraska," these photographs document Czech-Nebraska life, and include studio and field photographs of artifacts.
* Czech Fraternal Organizations (Neb.) [RG1471]
This collection consists of records of Wilber lodges of the Bohemian Slavonian Benevolent Society (CSPS) and the Western Bohemian Fraternal Association (ZCBJ), 1881-1948.
* Czech Historical Society Photographic Collection (RG1847)
Compiled by Rose Rosicky for her history of Czechs in Nebraska, the collection includes portraits of many notable Czech-Nebraskans, as well as scenes from early social and cultural life.
* Czech-Nebraska Newspapers (Mfilm)
The microfilm collections include nearly complete runs of most of the Czech-language newspapers published in Nebraska. These are catalogued by town. The agricultural journal Hospodar is also available on microfilm.
* Czech Reminiscences [RG1606]
This collection consists of histories and reminiscences pertaining to Czechs in Nebraska primarily, as well as reminiscences written by Czech settlers in Colorado, North Dakota, and Oklahoma. These are typescript in form. All are in English.
* E.A. Kral Photographic Collection (RG0813)
The hundreds of photographs in this collection primarily depict Czech-American life in Wilber and Saline County.
* A History of Czechs in Nebraska By Rose Rosicky (978.2.R73s)
An extensive 1928 compilation of historical information concerning all facets of Czech-Nebraska life, including information on settlements. This is also available in Czech as Dejiny Cechu v Nebrasce, by Ruzena Rosica.
* Kansas-Nebraska Czech Settlements (978.2.Soln)
This is a compilation and translation of an 1891-94 Czech census which was published in the agricultural journal Hospodar. It provides maps and ecological descriptions of each settlement, and listings of heads of households, with their villages of emigration.
* My Antonia by Willa Cather (813.C28ma)
This famous Nebraska novel about the life of Czech immigrant Antonia Shimerda (Antonie Sadilkova) is set in Webster County. It offers numerous insights into Czech traditions and Czech-American rural life after the turn of the twentieth century. This as also available in Czech as Moje Antonie, by Willa Catherova.
* My Reminiscences by Frank Sadilek (921.S125mt)
This English translation is also available in Czech as Z mych upominek, by Frantisek Sadilek. Sadilek was an important freethinking orator in Saline County, who was involved in a wide variety of cultural activities.
* Nebraska Historic Buildings Survey (RG14-Historic Preservation)
This survey documents many buildings constructed by Czech immigrants in Nebraska, as well as several listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It contains information on owners, institutions, builders, and architects, as well as historical narrative. The survey covers pioneer dwellings, lodge and Sokol halls, churches, cemeteries, and farmsteads.
* Museum of Nebraska History Collections
The museum collections department preserves artifacts associated with Czech-Nebraska history and culture which can provide valuable research information. For specific inquiries, contact the collections department at the museum for an appointment
* South Central Nebraska Czech Society (Hastings and South Central, Neb.) [RG1570]
The South Central Nebraska Czech Society was organized in 1976. The Society's purpose is to enjoy and preserve the culture and history of Czech heritage. Monthly meetings are held in Hastings, Nebraska. The bulk of the collection consists of the Essays, 1991-1992, of Series 2. The essays were written by children in grades four to twelve and all relate to the history and genealogy of families whose ancestry includes a Czech immigrant to America. Subseries 1 contains 1991 entries; Subseries 2 covers 1992 submissions.
* Stibal Family Correspondence (RG1604)
This collection contains correspondence to and from the siblings of Frank and Mary Novotny Stibal of Colfax County. It concerns Czech-American life in and around Colfax County, Omaha, Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota, as well as the ancestral village in Bohemia, circa 1874-1911.


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