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While we hope that you will be able to visit our library reference room, we recognize that some researchers require access to our materials without traveling to Lincoln. We offer a variety of options to accommodate patrons doing long distance research.

If you wish to know if we hold a specific book, manuscript collection, type of public record, newspaper, or photograph collection we will be happy to check our collection catalogs and/or inventories for you free of charge. If, however, you wish to know if we have a specific item in a collection, a specific photograph, a specific newspaper article, or if you wish to know if a book contains specific information, you will have to pay a reference fee for this service. Any service which requires staff to search an actual collection or publication, rather than a catalog or inventory of materials held, is considered research and, as such, is subject to a reference fee as described in our Fee Schedule.

A Basic Search Fee applies to a search for one name in one specific indexed record. Nebraska residents, members of the Nebraska State Historical Society, and non-profit organizations are charged a lower rate than non-residents. The fee includes up to 2 photocopies. Many of these types of searches are further described in our Reference Leaflet #1., A Guide to Genealogical Research at the Nebraska State Historical Society.

Some research requires special curatorial assistance (staff to read through portions of a collection or an unindexed published item). A fee is charged for each 30 minutes of staff time spent. Nebraska residents, members of the Nebraska State Historical Society, and non-profit organizations receive a lower rate; non-residents and for-profit corporations a higher rate. This fee does not pay for any copies of items located. The patron is sent a report of findings and a bill for copies which he or she must pay prior to receiving any copies. Because of very limited staff time, we can provide a maximum of two hours research time per request.

If your research requires more than this amount of time or if it is more detailed than staff time allows, we recommend that you contract with a private researcher. We provide a List of Contract Researchers who have made known to us that they are interested in doing this type of research for a fee. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the Nebraska State Historical Society.

Finally, many Nebraska newspapers, manuscripts, public records, and photographs are available in micrographic format for Interlibrary Loan.

For additional information about any of the services we provide, please contact our Reference Staff at 402-471-4751 or by e-mail:


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