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Nebraska Trailblazer #2: Explorers, Checkup answer sheet

1. Describe three ways in which the explorers paved the way for settlers' to Nebraska.
1) Lt. Warren traveled the state more than any explorer before him gathering information for settlers.
2) John C. Fremont and Jessie, his wife, published a report and map for settlers the publicize the trail to Oregon and California which fur traders had been using for years.
3) Explorers made treaties with American Indians.

2. Who were the explorers sent to explore the Louisiana Purchase?
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

3. List three explorers other than the Louisiana Purchase explorers and tell where their journey took them in Nebraska. Answers found on the two Nebraska Trailblazer maps "Early Explorers in Nebraska" and "Explorers After the Louisiana Purchase

4. Which city in Nebraska was named after one of the explorers? Fremont

5. What countries did these explorers represent and what did they want to find?
Colonel Pedro de Villasur - Spain
Etienne Veniard de Bourgmont - France
Pierre and Paul Mallet - France
James Mackay - Spain
In general these explorers came to the Nebraska area seeking a short and easy route to the Pacific Ocean or to discover gold.

6. Which flags have the color red in them? Spanish 1720, USA 1804, USA 1842, French 1803, Spanish 1806

7. Describe the flag made by John C. Fremont's wife. It is identical to the USA flag except instead of white stars on blue background, there is an eagle holding a peace pipe on a white background with a row of stars above and below the eagle.

8. Which explorer convinced the Pawnee to change the flag they were flying in 1806, and what country's flag was removed? Zebulon Pike convinced the Pawnee to remove the Spanish flag.

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