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Nebraska Trailblazer #1: American Indians, Checkup

1. Name two ways in which the Pawnee helped the United States Army.

2. The American Indians lived in several different types of homes. List and describe at least two of these.

3. The pipe in the Nebraska Trailblazer was made of _______________. This material was found in _____________ in _______________.

4. Name three materials used by American Indians to make the spoon in the Nebraska Trailblazer.

5. In Oto or Omaha, the word Nebraska means  _______  ___________.

6. What was Petalesharo known for?

7. Draw the design used by the Sioux on their moccasins.

8. These famous American Indian chiefs were leaders of which tribes?

Spotted Tail - ______________
Red Cloud - ________________
Ietan - __________________


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