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Nebraska Trailblazer #3: Oregon Trail
Page 8 from the diary of H. M. Judson, 1862-63

Judson journal image, P. 8

The point of Grand Island - rest from 11 AM to 2 PM & go to within 5 miles of Jessee Shoemakers & stop on the Platte for night - No incidents worth mentioning have occurred today unless it is the three mules ran away but were soon brought back by Redfield on a fourth - It is perhaps time that I mentioned the order of routine of one daily life - All hands up together in the morning - Hileman goes after the mules which bear the following euphonious names "Club" (the favorite) "Split-ear" - "Dolly" "Dandy" * "Tom" - Redfield begins by packing the beds & striking the tent & Judd gets after the coffee & grub - Breakfast over & plunder packed - Judd takes the lines & off we go - the drive is shortened by anecdotes & song watching and speculating on the accompanying emigrants - At noon Hileman puts out the Mules on picket -

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