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Nebraska Trailblazer #3: Oregon Trail
Page 9 from the diary of H. M. Judson, 1862-63

Judson journal image, P. 9

Redfield starts for novel & Judd for water. Sometimes a short nap comes after dinner but oftener we call upon or are called upon by our neighbors - The eve camp is like the noon only the tent is pitched & bed made for the night - we retire as soon as dark & sleep soundly

"Consign to Heaven our cares & woes
Then sink in undisturbed repose"
& get up refreshed - strong & hearty - I have written my first letter today to Charley to be mailed at Grand Island City - Four days more to Ft Kearney & then for "lots" of news from home - We this morning - the 13th) get the earliest start get 4.15 & drove nearly 20 miles to camp on wood river - push on again till 6 PM & camp for the night just across the Wood river from the mill - We are 30 miles from Ft Kearney & I have spoken to the Stage driver to stop for me in the morning to go to the fort by stage - Must go and get along without - Redfield

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