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Nebraska Trailblazer #15: Nebraska State Symbols, Checkup answer sheet

1. Write down the state symbols for the categories below.

Tree Cottonwood   Fossil Mammoth   Insect Honey Bee   Gem Blue Chalcedony
Bird Meadowlark   Flower Goldenrod   Rock Prairie Agate   Grass Little Bluestem

2. What do the following things symbolize for Nebraska?

Platte River - flat water, the Oto Indian word "Nebrasaka"
Sandhill Cranes - an annual nature-observing event made possible by Nebraska's unique environment
Chimney Rock - reminder of the Oregon Trail and all of the overland travelers who looked for Chimney Rock as a landmark

3. What is the state motto? Hint: Read the state seal. Equality before the law.


4. What does the state motto mean to you?


5. Describe the scene on the state seal.

6. What three states have the meadowlark as their state bird? Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming

7. Where was the original state flag first displayed and where does it hang now?
It was first displayed at a University of Nebraska football game and it now hangs in the office of the Secretary of State.

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