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Building the Tower on the Plains

Building the new state capitol was no simple task. A railroad line had to be built to the site of the new capitol. The heavy building materials needed by the construction crew were hauled on this track.

old in new[C244-244]
The old building was left in place and the new one begun around it. After this stage was completed, the old capitol was gradually torn down and the center of the new building rose in its place.

half-built tower[C244-172]
After six years of work the central tower was not quite half-built. This view was taken in 1928.


finished  [C244-534]
The capitol was finished in 1932. It remains the tallest building in Lincoln.

"The Sower"[C244-429]
The capitol's crowning touch was this giant bronze statue placed on the top of the tower, 400 feet above the ground. How do you think this job was done? (Answer)

The nineteen foot statue, called "The Sower," is taller than three adults. The figure, sowing - or scattering - seed during planting, represents the rich agricultural tradition of our state.

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