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The Nebraska State Capitol, Nebraska Trailblazer #14, page 5

Capitol Designs and Symbols

Old Senate doors [C244-308]
The State Capitol contains many interesting features. These two carved wood doors are to the former Senate chamber. The figures of the man and woman represent the Indian tribes of Nebraska. A corn plant, which stands for the Indian "tree of life," is carved in the center. The door handles are in the shape of ears of corn. The woman stands on a turtle, the symbol of a productive life. The man stands on an otter, an Indian symbol for medicine. A thunderbird, a powerful figure of the heavens, flies above them.

See the coloring page of these doors

current Senate doors [C244-307]
The doors to the current Senate chamber show a couple planting a "tree of life." The woman holds a watering jar. They are dressed in an ancient style of the Middle East, one of the birthplaces of western civilization.



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