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The Nebraska State Capitol, Nebraska Trailblazer #14, page 6

Self Test

Find the correct answers among the multiple choice questions below and circle the correct answer or answers. Re-read the text if necessary.

1. The first territorial capitol was built in a) Bellevue b) Brownville c) Council Bluffs d) Omaha.

2. The territorial capital was a) south of the Platte River b) north of the Platte River c) on a sandbar in the middle of the Platte River.

3. Nebraska became the 37th state to join the Union in a) 1776 b) 1854 c) 1862 d) 1867.

4. The a) first b) second c) third state capitol was built around the previous capitol building.

5. The tallest building in Lincoln is a) Bob Devaney Center b) the state capitol c) Cornhusker Hotel d) Memorial Stadium.

6. The three branches of our state government are a) the judicial branch b) the Long Branch
c) the legislative branch d) the olive branch e) the executive branch.

7. The 19-foot statue on top of the capitol is called a) the grower b) the blower c) the sower d) the tower.

8. It took a) three years b) eight years c) ten years d) fifteen years to build the third state capitol.

9. Nebraska's first secretary of state was a) Thomas Osborne b) Thomas Kennard c) Thomas Jefferson d) Thomas Edison.

10. The doors of the former Senate Chamber are made of a) marble b) stone c) brick d) wood on which Indian symbols are carved.

11. Our state a) capitol b) capital is located in Lincoln on Centennial Mall between 14th Street and 16th Street.

12. Lincoln is Nebraska's a) capitol b) capital city.

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