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News Release
April 7, 2009

SUBJECT: Stromsburg Flippin Family subject of Nebraska History Museum program, 12 noon, 4/16/09

African-American players are now core to the University of Nebraska football team, but back in the 1890s George Flippin was the rare exception. He followed his father to the largely Swedish town of Stromsburg and practiced medicine there until his death in 1929. George Flippin was inducted into the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame in 1974. Four generations of Flippins lived in Stromsburg from 1901-1934 and the details of their lives have merged together in legendary proportions. Kathy Nelson, Assistant Librarian at the Stromsburg Public Library will tell the Flippins' story at 12 noon, April 16, at the Nebraska History Museum, 15th & P Streets, Lincoln. Her presentation strives to be historically accurate as well as educationally stimulating, and interestingly informative. The Flippins' story is a Nebraska experience, but also reflective of our larger American story.

"The Stromsburg Flippins" is part of the Nebraska State Historical Society's Brown Bag History Forum series. It is open to the public free of charge. It will be subsequently broadcast on government access cable channel 5CityTV, courtesy funding from the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation. For more information call 402-471-4754.


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