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"From Sugar to Iron: Mexican Immigrants in Scottsbluff and Omaha during the Twentieth Century"

"Paul Vandervoort and the Dissolution of the People's Party"

"Thicker Than Grasshoppers: Hobo Life in Nebraska, 1890-1930"


"'Thayer Will Not Yield': Citizenship and the Contested 1890 Nebraska Gubernatorial Election"

"More Than Digging for Victory: Extension in Nebraska During World War II" 


"Cornhuskers in Congress: Farm Protest, Policy, and Crisis, 1975-1990"


 "'There are Four People Buried Real Deep and Forever: The Struggle for Social Reform in a Western Nebraska Lakota Community, 1950-1975"

"Doris Royal, One Can Be an Influence: Nebraska Petitioner Amends the Widow's Tax"

"In the Shadow of Herbert Hoover: Kenneth Wherry, Hugh Butler, and Other Leading Nebraskans in the Rise and Fall of Conservative Internationalism, 1892-1965"


"A Church for the People: Charles W. Savidge and the Evangelical Reform Impulse at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"

"Choice of Birth Attendant as a Marker of Cultural Identity for Volga Germans in Lincoln's Russian Bottoms"

"Social Identities beyond the Colonial Core: A Study of the Impact of Spanish Colonialism on the Dismal River Aspect Culture (A.D. 1675-1725)"


"Nebraska's Antievolution Trial of 1924"


"Equal Schools in Nebraska"

"The Fight to Save Jobbers Canyon"


"The Shoulders of Atlas: Rural Communities and Nuclear Missile Base Construction in Nebraska, 1958-1962"

"Intersections of Time, Place, and Entertainment in Nebraska's Hidden Paradise"


"The Politics of Populism: Nebraska Populists as Effective Legislators"


"Lincoln's Rudge & Guenzel Department Store: A Case Study of the Rise Of Mass Consumption and a National Consumer Ethic"

"Racial Segregation in Nineteenth Century Nebraska Schools"


"A Nazi Professor in Nebraska: the Professor Exchange between the University of Nebraska and the University of Berlin in 1936-37."


"Life in the Big House: Convicts, Wardens, Contractors, and the Nebraska State Penitentiary, 1870-1890."

"Frank H. Spearman - from McCook to 'Whispering Smith,'"


"Early Views and Viewmakers of Towns in Nebraska"

"Balancing Her Act: Eunice Woodhull Stabler's Experiences and Reflections as an Omaha Indian Woman, 1885-1963"


"Plains Woodland Pottery: A Use-alteration Perspective"

"A Portrait of Place: Presenting Identity in the Photographs of Solomon D. Butcher"


"No Man's Land: The History of White Clay, Nebraska"

"Late Prehistoric Migration into the Central Plains: Identification, Processes, and Effects"

"A History of the Nebraska Mexican-American Commission, 1970-1985"


"The Nebraska Coon League of 1892: Conceptions of Race and Manliness in the Cornhusker State During the Gilded Age"

"Katherine Worley Allen, Nebraska's 'Little Woman in a Big Place' - A Victorian Woman Enters the Public Sphere" [forthcoming: Nebraska History 83:3(Summer 2003]

"A Re-analysis of the Spring Creek Site (25FT31), Red Willow Reservoir, Nebraska"


"The Redemption of James Whitewater" [Nebraska History 82:4 (Winter 2001), 138]

"Platte Valley Legal Communities" [forthcoming: Nebraska History 83:3 (Summer 2003)]

"A Re-evaluation of Upper Republican Sites in Nebraska"


"But What Kind of Work Do the Rest of You Do?" Child Labor on Nebraska Farms, 1870-1920 [Nebraska History 82:1 (Spring 2001), 2]

Funding for Nebraska State Historical Society Research Grants is provided by the Gladys Marie Lux Education Endowment and the Tom and Marilyn Allan Fund, both administered by the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation.


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