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Contents of Volume 82, 2001

Scott and Fish Winter 2001 Vol. 82, No. 4:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
Elizabeth "Libby" Scott (left) and Alice "Allie" Fish, with Libbie's nephew, Paul Van Neste, posed for George Sawyer's camera in front of Edwin Riggs's store on the main street of Brewster, Nebraska, in 1900. Business and domestic partners for more than forty years, Scott and Fish were successful ranchers, business-women, civic leaders, and community activists. For more on Scott and Fish see page 138. (Courtesy of Robert Van Neste)

Pawnee warrior  Fall 2001 Vol. 82, No. 3:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
This watercolor portrait of an unidentified Indian who, judging from the hairstyle, was a Pawnee warrior, was painted by William Henry Tappan in 1848, probably near the Pawnee village on the Platte River in present Polk County, Nebraska. Tappan, a civilian artist, accompanied the Missouri Mounted Volunteers from Fort Kearny on the Missouri River (at present Nebraska City) to a site on the central Platte River, where they began construction of a new fort. His duties included making drawings and collections to illustrate the botanical, zoological, and geographical features of the country. (Courtesy of Ellen F. Tappan)

Gall Summer 2001 Vol. 81, No. 2:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
Chief Gall, Sioux. Oil on canvas, 1895, by Charles Stewart Stobie (1843­1931). (NSHS-376P-1, D. Charles Bristol Collection)

milking Spring 2001 Vol. 82, No. 1:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
At the turn of the twentieth century, economic success for a farm family might depend in part on the labor of children like Alice Butcher, pictured here milking a cow on the T. J. Butcher place on the Middle Loup River near West Union in Custer County, Nebraska. For more on child labor on Nebraska farms see page 2. (NSHS-RG22608­1947)


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