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Contents of Volume 84, 2003

 Winter 2003 Vol. 84, No. 4:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
Detail from Nebraska & Kansas by J. H. Cotton, New York, 1854, thought to be the first published map of the new territories. The original Nebraska Territory comprised some 351,000 square miles. The first census, taken in the fall of 1854, recorded 2,372 Nebraskans, almost all of them living in towns and settlements near the Missouri River. NSHS Collections

 Fall 2003 Vol. 84, No. 3:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)
Front Cover:
Holding up a slip during an ABC Radio "Town Meeting of the Air" in December 1945, Nebraska Senator Kenneth S. Wherry rails against price controls imposed by the Office of Price Administration, reportedly saying, "This is the kind of sack Chester Bowles [the OPA administrator] is hanging on the women of America!" In the early 1950s Wherry gained notoriety as leader of a "pervert purge" of homosexuals employed by the federal government, paralleling the infamous Senator Joseph McCarthy's "witch hunt" for Communists. NSHS-RG3559-12

 Summer 2003 Vol. 84, No. 2:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
The source of this little boy's delight remains a mystery, as do his and his mother's identities, but the warmth and vibrancy of the scene, as well as the high level of technical skill, attest to the photographer's talent both as an artist and a documentarian. This image is one of forty attributed John Johnson of Lincoln, Nebraska, now on exhibit at the Historical Society's Museum of Nebraska History in Lincoln. The special section beginning on page 59 is a full catalog of the exhibit, which will tour nationally beginning in 2004.

 Spring 2003 Vol. 84, No. 1:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
Full dovetail corner timbering of the log stable on the Hrbek farm in Knox County, Nebraska, illustrates one sophisticated system of horizontal timber framing brought to the Plains by Czech emigrants that sets it apart from other log construction in America. For more on the exquisitely executed traditional carpentry of Czech settlers in the region see "Old Cuts in New Wood: Traditional Czech Carpentry in the Central Great Plains" on page 174. Photo by David Murphy


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