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Contents of Volume 86, 2005

 Winter 2005 Vol. 86, No. 4:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)

3,937 Pounds of Letters: National Air Mail Week in Nebraska, May 1938 · Kathleen Alonso

For one day in 1938, hundreds of Nebraska towns-from Chadron to Beatrice, Emerson to Bridgeport, with Ong and Elsie, Wauneta and Wilber in between- had direct airmail service.

Landmarks on Paper · John Carter

For Air Mail Week in 1938 more than two hundred Nebraska communities created their own commemorative designs for airmail envelopes, and the result is a study in local pride.

The Flying Newsboy Takes to the Air · Liz Watts

In September 1929, 500 feet above isolated towns and boggy roads around McCook, Nebraska, a bright red airplane carrying bundles of newspapers made aviation history.

 Summer-Fall 2005 Vol. 86, Nos. 2-3:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)

"Still the Old Marlene:" Hollywood at the Fort Robinson Prisoner of War Camp · Melissa A. Marsh

Could Hollywood help the War Department convince German prisoners to reject their country's Nazi regime and accept American style democracy without violating the Geneva Convention?

"Altogether a Horrible Spectacle:" Public Executions in Nebraska, 1891 · Steven J. Ramold

In one six-month period in 1891, Nebraska county sheriffs presided over the public hanging of four men convicted of five murders. Lynch mobs, a borrowed gallows, and a broken rope added to the spectacle.

'Come an' Get It!"

From a dozen cowboys at the chuck wagon to a chic 1953 housewife making cookies in her Lincoln kitchen, photographs from the NSHS archives show that eating is the most universal of cultural activities.

Kicking the Habit: Nebraska's 1903 Anti-Cigarette Law · Michael Kuzma

Anti-smoking sentiment is in the air, but this is not the first time we've tried to kick the habit. In 1905 the state legislature enacted tobacco bans to protect Nebraskans' health and morals.

 Spring 2005 Vol. 86, No. 1:  $3.50 (members, $3.15)

The Good Die First: The Meteoric and Brief Career of 0. H. Rothacker · Lewis 0. Saum

In 1886 Ottomar H. Rothacker of the Omaha Republican began a campaign of "slashing and murderous invective" aimed at the Omaha Bee and its fiery editor Edward Rosewater.

Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, and The Grand Buffalo Hunt At Niagara Falls · Joseph G. Rosa

"Wild Bill" Hickok, billed as "the most celebrated Scout and Hunter of the Plains," began his show-business career in 1872 in Niagara Falls with a staged hunt and a few weary buffalo captured in Nebraska.

Who Killed Maud Rubel? A Case Of Black and White in Omaha, 1894 · Tommy Thompson

A dead girl with a shady past, a "doctor" without a medical degree, and an African-American hotel porter accused of murder-tangled lives, racial prejudice, and unequal justice in 1894 Omaha.


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