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Contents of Volume 87, 2006

  Winter 2006 Vol. 87, No. 4:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)

A Visit to the Pawnee ­ Gottlieb F. Oehler and David Z. Smith, edited by Richard E. Jensen

In 1851 it seemed to some well-meaning white folks that the Pawnee were ready for someone to come among them and teach them the ways of Christianity and "civilization."

 Fall 2006 Vol. 87, No. 3:    SOLD OUT

From McCook to Whispering Smith - Tom White

Frank H. Spearman is seldom read today, but shaped by his years in McCook, he wrote rip-roaring railroad adventure stories that thrilled readers nationwide at the turn of the last century.

Nebraska's Libraries at War, 1917-1919 - Oliver Pollak

"To be better fighters and better Americans" was the reason the doughboys of World War I needed books, said the Library War Service, and Nebraskans pitched in, helping the nation send seven million books to the troops.

 Summer 2006 Vol. 87, No. 2:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)

Petroleum, Politics, and Prices: Omaha's Gas War of 1924 - L. Robert Puschendorf

Outrage at high gas prices isn't new -- in 1924 the governor threatened to open state stations, the attorney general took fifteen oil companies to court, and a gas war was good news to Omaha drivers.

Standard Oil's "Bungalow" Filling Stations - L. Robert Puschendorf

The first filling stations were a far cry from today's sleek emporiums offering not only gas and oil but everything from lug nuts to latte. In 1914, however, Standard Oil began to make improvements. . .

 Spring 2006 Vol. 87, No. 1:   $3.50 (members, $3.15)

Putting Boyd County on the Map: Adjusting Nebraska's Northern Boundary - James E. Potter

It took a blunder in drafting a famous Indian treaty, a "pernicious example" of government bad faith toward the Poncas, and an act of Congress to complete Nebraska's boundary as we know it today.

Bold and Daring: The Lone Oak - David Murphy

Its modern facade hiding "biomass" materials, this structure west of Lincoln is an innovative transition from a simple building technique to a sophisticated construction technology.

Tragedy at the Lone Oak - John Carter

Tangled lives, mysterious deaths, and bickering families make the history of the Lone Oak's owners as fascinating as the building itself.

Wallace Cadet Taylor and the Last U.S. Volunteers - Thomas D. Thiessen

A dashing officer who distinguished himself in the Spanish-American and Philippine wars, this Nebraska volunteer's career traces important steps in the evolution of the "citizen soldier."


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