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Contents of Volume 89, 2008

    Winter 2008 Vol. 89, No. 4:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)

 See excerpts from this issue.

Grasshoppered: America's Response to the 1874 Rocky Mountain Locust Invasion - Alexandra M. Wagner

It was a plague of biblical proportions, influencing generations of federal agricultural policy and foreshadowing today's expectations about the government's role during natural disasters.

A 1914 Cartoon Calendar: Drawings by Guy R. Spencer - Patricia C. Gaster

Longtime Omaha World-Herald cartoonist Guy Spencer displayed his wit and his unique style of drawing in a series of cartoons for every month of the year.

The Empire Builders: An African American Odyssey in Nebraska and Wyoming - Todd Guenther

In the early twentieth century, a small group of black settlers set out for the Nebraska-Wyoming border. Since whites wouldn't treat them as equals, they would build their own community.

   Fall 2008 Vol. 89, No. 3:   $3.50 (members, $3.15)

 See excerpts from this issue.

The Rise and Fall of Rudge & Guenzel: From Independent Retailer to Department Store Chain - Vicki Howard

Downtown department stores, such as Lincoln's Rudge & Guenzel, seemed to be from another, more authentic world that has little in common with today's commercial spaces-the big-box stores or enclosed suburban shopping malls.

More Than a Potluck: Shared Meals and Community-Building in Rural Nebraska at the Turn of the Twentieth Century - Nathan B. Sanderson

Shared meals were the cornerstone of events and celebrations in Nebraska's early years, offering rural families a chance to gather, socialize, and escape the lonely drudgery that filled much of their lives.

The Platte River Road in 1866: Charles Savage's Visual Narrative - John E. Carter

In 1866 Charles Savage made the earliest known photograph of Chimney Rock and several other rare images, providing a unique visual record of one of the last years of wagon travel along Nebraska's Great Platte River Road.

    Summer 2008 Vol. 89, No. 2:   $3.50 (members, $3.15)

The Mythical Platte River Voyage of the Steamboat El Paso - William E. Lass

Some researchers accepted the tale of the steamboat El Paso's 1852 voyage up the Platte River to Wyoming as being "authentic history." While the El Paso was a real steamboat, her alleged Platte River trip was a myth.

"Service not Power": The Early Years of the Nebraska Commission on Mexican-Americans, 1971-1975 - Roger P. Davis

The Nebraska Mexican-American Commission, established by the legislature in 1972, was the first such commission in the United States. Its challenge was to find the best way to represent a constituency divided over concepts of identity and strategies for action.

A Fallen Victim to "the Liquor Curse": The Life and Tragic Death of Samuel D. Cox - Patricia C. Gaster

The 1906 murder of a well-known newspaperman and temperance advocate sparked public indignation, and may have been a factor in the subsequent adoption of restrictions on saloons and alcohol consumption in Nebraska.

   Spring, 2008 Vol. 89, No. 1:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)

The Halls of Hallmark: The Nebraska Years - L. Robert Puschendorf

The Hall brothers' formative years in Nebraska, and those of the youngest brother, Joyce Hall, became the inspiration that brought him success as the founder of Hallmark Cards, Inc., the world's foremost supplier of greeting cards.

From the Depths: Prince Hall Masonry in Nebraska, 1930-1960 - Dennis N. Mihelich

Nebraska's Prince Hall Mason Grand Lodge barely survived the Great Depression of the 1930s, but recovered its vitality by the 1950s to regain its prestigious position within the state's African American community.

The Governor's House, the People's House: Nebraska Governors' Residences - James E. Potter

The idea that Nebraska should provide living quarters for its governors was slow to catch on. Finally, in 1899 the state purchased a house that became the first of two official residences in which Nebraska governors have lived.


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