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Nebraska History
Contents of Volume 69, 1988

Spring 1988 Spring 1988 Vol. 69, No. 1:   $3.50 (members $3.15)
On the Cover:
The souvenir scarf reproduced on the front cover was sent by Harold L. Gillett to his mother during World War I. Gillett was a member of the Third Balloon Company, trained at Fort Omaha. It was donated to the Nebraska State Historical Society by Mrs. Harold L. Gillett.

Fort Omaha Balloon School: Its Role in World War I
By Inez Whitehead
Barkley vs. Pool: Woman Suffrage and the Nebraska Referendum Law
By James E. Potter
Respectable Leisure: The Crete Chautauqua, 1882-1897
By James P. Eckman
The Eisenhower Campaign of 1952: The Letters of Homer Gruenther
Edited by Richard L. Gruenther and Robert H. Ferrell

Summer 1988 Summer 1988 Vol. 69, No. 2:   $3.50 (members $3.15)
On the Cover:
On the cover is a replica of a hide painting depicting the 1720 defeat of a Spanish army under Pedro de Villasur near the present site of Columbus, Nebraska. The army, sent from Santa Fe to investigate French activity on the plains, was attacked by Pawnee and Oto Indians. The more than seventeen-foot-long painting is the oldest known of a Nebraska scene.
The exact reproduction was painted by Nebraska State Historical Society staff artist Curt Peacock. The original painting is now in Santa Fe in the Museum of New Mexico.

Faces of the First Nebraskans
By R. Eli Paul
The Controversy Over Sunday Movies in Hastings, 1913-1929
By Donald Schneider
Nebraska Statehood and Reconstruction
By James B. Potts
The Route of a Sand Hills Bone Hunt: The Yale College Expedition of 1870
By C. Barron McIntosh

Fall 1988 Fall 1988 Vol. 69, No. 3:   $3.50 (members $3.15)
On the Cover:
On the cover is a photograph of the battleship USS Nebraska after commissioning in 1907, wearing the white and buff colors of the pre-World War I U.S. Navy, and ready to sail with the "Great White Fleet." Courtesy of Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society, Inc., Seattle, Washington.

The USS Nebraska
By James A. Hanson
The Silver Service for the USS Nebraska
By Gail De Buse Potter
The Governor and the Guard in the Omaha Tram Strike of 1935
By Mary Cochran Grimes
Tragedy at Peru State College: The Murders of William Nicholas and Paul Maxwell
By Nancy Handy Moran

Winter 1988 Winter 1988 Vol. 69, No. 4:   $3.50 (members $3.15)
On the Cover:
The front cover painting of the Johnson County Courthouse in Tecumseh was done by well-known Nebraska artist Ralph Hawkins of Hebron. Hawkins, whose painting was an avocation during his many years as a hardware merchant, has been working in a downtown Hebron studio since his retirement in 1969. Working in watercolors, he favors old and familiar subjects: bridges, wooden elevators, courthouses, barns, and depots. The Johnson County Courthouse painting is now owned by Mike and Susan Grieger of Lincoln. Front and back cover photos are by Roger Bruhn.

Time, Place, and Culture in Nebraska History
By Frederick C. Luebke
The Agent to the Oto: Recollections of Albert Lamborn Green
Edited by Richard E. Jensen
Nebraska Newspaperman Will M. Maupin
By Patricia Gaster
The Philippine War: The Diary of Robert Bruce Payne, 1899
Edited By John Hall
Butler B. Miltonberger Collection
By Douglas R. Hartman and Andrea I. Paul


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