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Centennial Celebration

So, why are we celebrating one hundred years of 4-H in Nebraska when Nebraska 4-H began in the 1890s? The answer lies in the grassroots nature of 4-H's national beginning. The programs that were precursors of 4-H began popping up around the country simultaneously, but independent of one another. Therefore, it is difficult to pinpoint where and when 4-H actually started. The 4-H National Council chose 1902 as the birth of 4-H because it corresponded with the beginning of 4-H in Ohio, an arbitrary selection because many states could claim the title, "Birthplace of 4-H."

Nebraska/4-H sticker

creator Jim Davis created this cartoon to celebrate the 4-H centennial. Davis is a former 4-H member.
Courtesy: Nebraska State 4-H Office.


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Centennial Celebration



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